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Basecamp Four Bean & Vegetable Soup

(8 customer reviews)




Each pouch of our Basecamp Four Bean & Vegetable Soup contains 2.5 servings and is resealable. These pouches are lightweight making them easily portable on any outdoor adventure. Just add water and you can eat directly from the pouch.

8 reviews for Basecamp Four Bean & Vegetable Soup

  1. William (verified owner)

    Pricey but I love the flavor of this soup. It took a couple of shipments/orders to get this order.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    The ingredients are really good, but I am not a fan of this soup. I can eat it, but I’m not turned on by it. I won’t buy it again, even though the ingredients and price are okay. I’m not fussy about food, I just didn’t find this soup appealing enough that I would buy it again.

  3. Matthew (verified owner)

    I bought these individually from local stores. However when I purchase these by the case the taste seemed off and not as great a taste has the ones I previously bought. Maybe it was my taste that caused the change, but I will buy more individually to see if the taste improves.

  4. Charles (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  5. Lucas (verified owner)

    I’m trying to eat a more plant-based diet and though I don’t hate vegetable soup, many traditional veggie soups have that thin tomato based broth that can be too acidic or taste too much like a watered down bloody mary. This is a great veg based soup that is hearty and dark and thicker (someone said it was like a ‘stew’ which is a stretch, but still, it isn’t thin broth). It’s not a meaty beef taste but it’s closer to that than veg soup. Lentil is the dominant flavor but all the other ingredients make it much more than a can of lentils. Anyway, great combination of flavors and something different in the soup rotation.

  6. Kai (verified owner)

    I was so excited to get a lentil soup at such a great price. Organic and with kale were also a plus. It is just ok tasting, not what I was hoping for.

  7. Dominic (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorites soups, great to use as a base for what ever u r cooking 😀

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    I ordered this soup as it was a special and I like Amy’s products. The soup arrived and one can was dented. I contacted Amazon and asked if they could ship me a replacement can. Amazon sent me a whole case! Go Amazon! When the second case came 10 of the 12 cans were dented. I’ll throw those out and keep the 2 good cans. I’m not sure what’s going on with product control, but Amazon missed the mark. As far as the soup, it is very good but a little salty.

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